Written by A.J. Brown

Asian Markets Tumble

domino_effect_2.jpgAsian markets tumbled on Monday. The Street reports that India’s primary index fell 7.4% after indices in China and Hong Kong broke through critical support levels.

Some experts speculate that this is not just a short-term sell off. It could be indicative of a bigger correction or possibly the beginning of an Asian recession. Others speculate that a rebound will happen in the near future.

Regardless of what happens, this has immediate implications for the U.S. markets as well. When the markets reopen on Tuesday, there is a chance some stocks and funds will see substantial losses. Whether or not this leads to a "domino effect" that affects the market as a whole remains to be seen.

Keep your eyes open. It’s turning out to be an interesting year indeed.

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A.J. Brown

P.S. This is not meaningless price movement. There is plenty of volume behind these moves.

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