Bonus Training Video - Directional Strategies

Here’s a brand new bonus training video I’ve just put together for option traders and those who are interested in option trading. Please carve out some time to watch it today.

A couple tips:

Depending on your Internet connection speed, you may need to press Play, then press Pause and let the video buffer for a couple minutes. This will make sure the video plays smoothly and eliminate any “choppiness” in the audio.

Also, you can click the squarish button next to the volume button in the video player to see this video full-screen. Enjoy!

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I Need Your Help Judging Our Video Contest!

(There Could Be Another FREE Course in It for You!)

Helping me judge the contest will take a bit of your time. But — I will be giving away a THIRD free home study course to the person who I feel leaves the best evaluation.

In a nutshell: Watch the video entries, pick the two you think should win, and then answer these three questions for your two “picks”:

1. What did they say was their WHY for wanting to master option trading?

2. What did they saw for HOW the Trading Trainer Option Profits Success System would help them achieve their goal?

3. WHY do you think they should be the winner?

Submit your evaluation by leaving a comment below, right here on this blog.

If I pick your evaluation, you will win the third home study course I’m giving away.

Think about this for a minute. If you invest some time to help me evaluate the winner of the video contest, you too could potentially walk away with a prize valued at $2,497.00.

Here’s what I want you to do now…

Scroll down to the section below that says “Leave a Reply.” Submit your evaluation. And be sure to add your full name and email address so I can contact you in case you win.

IMPORTANT: I need your evaluation no later than Monday, October 18, at 10 p.m. Mountain time.

Best Regards Always,

A.J. Brown

P.S. Here are the video responses (each of these links opens in a new window)…

  1. David Christman on why he wants to be a master option trader.
  2. Dan makes his first video ever - hits some wrong buttons.
  3. Buddy the dog explains why his owner should win.
  4. A talking painting by the “TradeQueen”.
  5. Del’s video response - willing to study 6-8 hours a day.
  6. Doro Ajani’s video response - and his goal to be financially independent.
  7. Andrew Williamson says he’s ready for the next step.
  8. Thomas is hopeful that he can achieve much more in life.
  9. Luke from Australia responds from the beach.
  10. Gary Savill talks about the most valuable currency - freedom.
  11. Andy says he would like more time with his wife and son.
  12. Jim White wants freedom from his job station.
  13. Graham Martin responds from England - looking for consistent profits.
  14. Joel’s results have been inconsistent - needs a system to stay disciplined.
  15. Marlon says he needs to rebuild his life financially.
  16. Thomas Drayton says options are better than forex, futures, and funds.
  17. Joyce Brent is looking to replace her income.
  18. Don looking to learn option trading so he can do it himself.
  19. Mike is sick of the scams - and appreciates sincerity.

45 Responses to “Bonus Training Video - Directional Strategies”

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  1. Bryan Herbes @ 10:56 pm:

    Hi A.J.,

    Wow, what a range of diversity these video entrants have, from the heartfelt to the entertaining. Although they each have their own unique quality which makes their video appealing and the selection process that much more difficult, I have narrowed it down to the following two selections.

    My first selection is Mike who’s video struck an empathetic cord in me.
    Mike’s HOW – Mike wants to team up with someone who has integrity along with a proven system that will not only produce great results but that can be done in a manageable amount of time. I can definitely relate to Mike’s desire to work with someone of integrity like A.J., having been bitten myself by several of the scam artists out there who depleted me of both my money and my time.

    Mike’s WHY – Because of Mike’s disability, his capacity to contribute in the traditional sense at home has been hindered and an undue load has been placed on his wife, Mike sees your course as a means to not only lift that burden but to use his new found skills to provide help for others in the troubled times ahead.

    My second selection is Andrew, who I believe made his appeal with extreme clarity.
    Andrew’s HOW – Andrew’s was very detailed in how your home study course would complete his understanding of options trading and would provide him with a structured trading plan with a simple step by step process. A.J.’s home study course also demonstrates that it is the complete deal by immersing Andrew in the learning process, both through A.J.’s personal mentoring and with group involvement.

    Andrew’s WHY – Again, Andrew was very detailed in his 3 fold reason to succeed; his mother in retirement home and his father in law in a nursing home along with his need to provide for retirement without the aid of a pension plan. Lastly, Andrew wanted to become a blessing to his children and grand children by passing on to them a legacy of wealth building principles that would allow them to succeed as well.

    As for the other entrants, I commend them on taking the initiative to not only carve out the time to put there videos together but to articulate why A. J. Brown’s Trading Trainer Option Profits Success System is their top choice for options training. A.J.’s home study course will not only give them ALL the knowledge they need to produce wealth but because of its simple and straight forward approach it will free up their time thus enabling them to enjoy sharing their success with others.

  2. mark doubinin @ 11:03 pm:

    I feel that David Christman and Joyce Brent are the most deserving. My first choice is David, my second Joyce.

    1. What did they say was their WHY for wanting to master option trading?

    Both want to help their families, David showed his costs to us. He was very since and humble. Both want to answered your questions completely. They both wanted to earn more income to help their families and get more time. David wanted to spend his extra time and money doing charitable work.

    2. What did they saw for HOW the Trading Trainer Option Profits Success System would help them achieve their goal?

    David mentions that A.J.’s system helps them become an active options trader. The had talked to others who took the course and he found value in the bits of training he has received to date.

    For Joyce, the mentions she wants a proven system. This will allow her to spend time with her family. She has a financial background which is an asset to help her complete her course.

    3. WHY do you think they should be the winner?
    I believe that David should be considered because of his financial challenges, and his willingness to grow and learn new ideas. For Joyce, she some type of financial background so she knows what she is getting into, and how that will translate into getting what she wants, more time with her family.

  3. gerd @ 1:19 am:

    l am interested to test and try your options system


  4. Rodin Chery @ 4:24 am:

    Good Morning,

    Hey A.J. I know i’m late but I was up getting my butt kicked in the forex market when I ran into your e-mail. I want to help…. really I wanted a chance to win your home study course but anyway it goes I’m helping I just hope I’m not too late… but away here it is…

    1a. My first pick is Jim White. Jim really doesn’t want to work…and I understand that… He needs to ” Brake the bonds of employment” right on!!

    1b. Jim needs education… he’s new (like me)…. He’s learning the hard way and his believes in what you are doing and in your system.

    1c. Jim’s my first pick because he’s the only one (who again like me) made your promise( with one hand up while watching your video) to spread the word about trading options to others.

    2a. My second pick is Thomas Drayton. Thomas just got a wife and he wants to keep her….happy… He needs or wants to build a strong financial foundation because he mentioned a few markets….

    2b. Thomas believes in your system because he was your student at once. He fell off the ship for a second but now he’s back.

    2c. I pick Thomas because he knows your teaching so he’s back again trying to get the whole course this time.

    While Those are my pick I know I’m too late but it was worth the shot if anything. But I just wanted to leave a note saying that I didn’t know about the WRITEN contest or else I would have entered and the reason I didn’t enter the one on youtube is because I don’t own a computer video production kit….. but I hope to hear from you soon…

  5. Paul M. Ekey @ 10:41 am:

    Mr. Brown,
    First, let me compliment you on a good marketing campaign.
    I trade the Forex for a living and also teach others to trade and have learned that not everyone has the discipline and desire to trade successfully. Like the others, I was moved by certain stories but hardships do not make a trader. The determination to overcome those hurdles with a structured plan and the willingness to follow that plan has more of a chance for success. For these reasons, and the fact that he took the time to recommend others in the contest in an elaborate manner, I choose Marlon McCauley.
    The second slot would go to David Christman(#1) or Mike (#19) because of need and desire.
    I will send you a separate email with each person’s summary and a personal offer. I hope you read it.


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