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Complimentary Access to ETF Members Website

Free AccessDo you like to test drive first?  Would you like to give a new ETF member website a test drive?  And, then would you comment below this blog post with your thoughts?

One of my trusted friends and mentors, Bill Poulos, is letting me give you complimentary access to his ETF Members Website Preview, but only until April 1st.

He’s looking for only traders who are truly serious about discovering how to trade the ETF markets, to have access to his site.  And, I’m looking for traders who will give their perspectives.  So, is that you?


I just signed up for preview access to his member site myself. Here is a little of what I found…

  • His "Profit Vault", which contains actual ETF trade example "screen capture" videos, so you can see exactly how he teaches his students how to trade these funds in less then 20 minutes a night.
  • Complete access to his PROFIT FEEDER service where you can get daily lists of the ETFs that have met his rigorous trade alert criteria. In fact, these are ETFs that have a high probability of entering into potentially profitable positions any day now. He’ll eventually be charging $197/mo for this service, but it’s complimentary on the Members Website Preview.
  • Insider ETF interviews, where you’ll hear Bill ’spill the beans’ on some of his techniques as he’s interviewed by 2 seasoned traders (Norman Hallett and David Jenyns).
  • Previews of the actual CD-ROMs that ship with his upcoming ETF course so you can see exactly the type of material that’s on them.
  • and more…

By the way, Bill also sent me a preview copy of his upcoming ETF course.  The thing literally felt like it weighed 20 pounds…  I was worried my postal man was going to come after Bill and I for giving him a slipped spinal disk or similar.

I’ve only been through the first DVD so far but the course seems pretty gosh darn stellar.  I would expect no less from Bill.

Last time I heard from Bill, he let me know that he was only going to make this course available between April 1st to April 8th and he already has a ton of traders interested in it.  That’s all I know right now.  I plan to touch base with him before April 1st to get more details…

In the meantime, enjoy that he’s giving us free access to his member site.  And, by all means, don’t take my endorsement of Bill for anything…  go check out his member site by visiting this web page now and form your own opinions:


In fact, check it out and then comment below with your insights. I have my thoughts, but I’m more interested in yours.

Best regards always,

A.J. Brown

P.S. Remember, check this site out before Bill pulls the plug on the complimentary preview.  Access WILL expire on Tuesday, April 1st.  Take a look and then comment below.


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4 Responses to “Complimentary Access to ETF Members Website”

  1. fred @ 7:50 am:

    I am a construction worker i really want to do this but i am away from home for 6 months i would like to buy the cds please let me know how i can buy them thanks fred

  2. A.J. Brown @ 4:43 pm:

    Hi Fred,

    Thanks for writing. I’ll be making an announcement on this blog when the course is available for purchase. It will be available on April 1st, which is next Tuesday. Look for a new post then.

  3. Ken Long @ 12:24 pm:

    I havent bought much from Bill Poulos, his stuff is quite expensive. But I have looked at all his free samples and the way he explains and shows his trading principles are amazingly clear and easy to understand.

    His web site is ProfitsRun.com and I encourage everyone to check out his work. His free reports are excelent, and extensive. Also the video clips he includes with his promotional material are very good, check out the trading clips he includes with the Quantum Swing Trader material.

  4. Joe Eng @ 7:22 pm:

    I was one of Bill’s swing trader students and would like to give it a drive run


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