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Here Is Where I Get Money for My Covered Call Writing Practice…

Tom KishYou took an important first step becoming a member of the Trading Trainer community of like minded investors. So, I thought I should take a moment and share this little tidbit.  For some of you, the next most important thing you need in order to make profits, after learning how to reap the high returns from trading stock options, is the money for investing.

I’m constantly teaching people about the sweet spot when investing in stock options.  This is where your stock options portfolio appreciates the quickest.  I have found it to be between $20,000 and $400,000.  And, yet, so many of us start out with $5,000 or less, many of us $2,000 or less, and struggle for months if not years, trading their portfolio up to the sweet spot.

A lot of times we focus on the cost of money and not the spread.  Do we not get the concept of being the bank?  Banks focus on the spread.  They take your money that they borrow at whatever rate a savings or checking account pays (0% to 4% per year) and then they invest it in high yield investments like tax liens and tax deeds earning at least 8% per year, more accurately over 15% per year.  They get rich off the difference!  It’s called focusing on the spread.

Once you get the concept of focusing on the spread instead of the cost of things, being the bank, and generating money for yourself from, not thin air, but the knowledge of investing in that three pound gray organ you have between your ears, you can quickly chart yourself a course toward financial freedom.  I know, that’s what I did.  I stopped tripping over hundred dollar bills to pick up pennies.

Here’s a perfect example. With my knowledge of covered call writing, I borrowed $50,000 in unsecured business lines of credit at an annual rate, locked in for life at 1.9%.  Since I got this line of credit less than a year ago, I have diligently written covered calls on it, month in and month out earning anywhere from 4% to 17% per month.

Again, once you have the knowledge to invest, then all you need is the money to do it.

I want to introduce you to the national credit expert that taught me where to get huge unsecured business lines of credit for any purpose.

His name is Thomas Kish and he created the Ultimate Real Estate Investor’s Guide. Don’t get distracted by the name.  Yes, he has focused on real estate investors as his clientele for this course, but the information he taught me works for any business and/or investment.  In fact, he even used unsecured business lines of credit to buy himself a race horse.  (If you ever meet up with Tom, have him tell you that story.)

His guide shows people where to get $200,000 to $300,000 in cash and UNSECURED new business lines of credit by following a 4-step system.

In my mind, an unsecured business line of credit is the easiest shortcut to getting money that you will ever find.

The best thing about this source of money is that they don’t charge any back-end points, balloon payments or annual fees. Some of these lines of credit are at 0% interest for 9 months and 3.99% for life!

Please read this article written by Tom to learn more about this shortcut to money.

By Thomas Kish, President of CashFlowExperts.Biz

I can teach you how to stop getting money using your own personal name and social security number and start getting money in the name of a business using a simple registered business entity like a LLC or S-corp.

You can register a new business name on-line with your secretary of state and request a Federal Employer ID Number called a EIN.

The reason you will be able to get money that does not report on your personal credit report or harm your credit score is because you will be applying for credit using the name and Employer ID Number of your business entity.

Many people wonder how a brand new business or one with no income or revenue of any kind can qualify to receive unsecured business lines of credit.

The answer to this question is that certain lenders have always offered start up businesses the chance to apply for lines of credit using what the banking industry calls "Stated Income Applications".

It’s true that if you try to get a million dollar business line of credit from your local bank, you would probably need to complete a rigorous credit application and provide copies of business tax returns and profit and loss statements.

But many national lenders offer business lines of credit that range from $20,000 to $100,000 for new businesses with no income history.

The secret to successfully getting large amounts of business credit is to use stated income applications to qualify for money from many different lenders.

You will find that it is much easier to use my system to get many $50,000 business lines of credit, even with no business income or job history, than it is to qualify for a single million dollar line of credit at your local bank.

And my system will show you exactly how to properly complete the stated income application process at each of the national lenders on my lenders list.

An unsecured business line of credit is the easiest short cut to getting money that you will ever find.

Business lines of credit come in the form of multi-year loans, convenient checks and business credit cards that offer cash advances that can be used anywhere.

The money available from a business line of credit can be accessed as cash wired directly into your account, with check writing privileges or like any other credit card with a interest free grace period.

Get the complete guide with workbook, lenders list, CD set and everything you need to get the money @ www.cashflowexperts.biz
This guide to getting business credit offers you a way to get money for real estate or any other investment.

Here is a sample of some of the lenders I will introduce you to that offer huge unsecured lines of credit to people that are using my Ultimate Real Estate Investor’s Guide.

Bank 1 - Contact Website and Phone available in my program.
Now offering new businesses a $50,000 unsecured line of credit that can easily be accessed by mailing in a paper business credit application.

Bank 2 - Contact Website and Phone available in my program.
The best of all the lenders I recommend. They have the fastest response time, and generous limits ($40,000 each). And they offer a ZERO percent interest for the first nine months you use the line of credit.

Bank 3 - Contact Website and Phone available in my program.
Low 0% Introductory APR on this NO annual fee business card.
I recently got a 3.99% interest rate for the life of loan from this bank. A great resource!

Bank 4 - Contact Website and Phone available in my program.
You can walk into any branch location and get an application from the counter for a business credit card with up to a $30,000 limit.

When you open a free small business account at a branch office, you can wait a month and then apply for a $50,000 reserve line of credit on your business checking account. Be sure to fill out the application for the reserve lines of credit with the same template information as all other stated application I provide.

Bank 5 - Contact Website and Phone available in my program.
A business line of credit card that offers mileage rewards for every dollar spent and convenient redemption with immediate use of miles earned.

You can use your rewards for One-class upgrades on multiple airline carriers. Award miles may be redeemed on Delta, Continental Airlines and Northwest Airlines.

You can transfer awards to people other than cardholder member or donate miles earned.

You can also use your miles for subscriptions to all your favorite magazines, incredible experiences, exclusive merchandise, and VIP access to events you can’t get anywhere else.

These are just some of the 15 national lenders you’ll find in my business credit guide.

Get my complete guide with workbook, lenders list, CD set and everything you need to get the money @ www.cashflowexperts.biz
About Thomas Kish and his trademarked business credit system…

Thomas Kish is an investor, life long entrepreneur, author, and business consultant.

He is a national expert in the area of business credit and has shared the stage with best selling authors Robert Allen, Mark Victor Hansen, and Robert Kiyosaki .

Tom has bought and sold 8 million dollars worth of real estate using business lines of credit instead of using his own money.

And he has helped thousands of people change their lives with business lines of credit.

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  1. John @ 3:31 pm:

    Hi all,

    A.J is very kind to introduce us to his mentors. However, I have Tom’s study course and feel obligate to share my thought with you.

    You won’t get much benefit out of his course and I think it’s not worth it. Basically, in his courses he will repeat things that he already talked about. As far as banks concerned there is no special about his banks. They are just normal banks that you encounter every day. One of them is Wells Fargo.

    Same goes for the bonus material in his package.

    Again this is my honest feedback about Tom’s course.

    Best Regards,

  2. Paul Anthony Harris @ 5:59 am:

    Hello AJ, This is Paul Harris, I am in England, I happened upon this through searching for free paper trading covered calls. I am a great fan of yours since you sent me the free mini course. I love your style, and you have given me immense free knowledge & inspiration. I feel that you are a very genuine person, a rare thing these days. I am in severe financial difficulties at present so I cannot join your paid system. I hope to be able to a some point. Anyway my main purpose in writing here is to sincerely thank you for how you have already helped me with no expectation of remuneration. I only hope I can help you one day. Paul.

  3. A.J. Brown @ 11:12 am:

    Thank you so much, Paul. I appreciate your compliment. I hope you quickly recover from your financial difficulties.

    Best Regards Always,

    A.J. Brown

  4. A.J. Brown @ 1:55 pm:

    Hi John,

    Sorry for the delay in responding to your comment. I’ve been absent from blogging for a couple of months and haven’t logged into view the awaiting comments.

    Anyway, your opinion on Tom’s study course is fair.

    I personally have the course as well, followed it to the T, and got the results Tom told me I would. It was a “no brainer” exercise in following a recipe.

    I, too, thought as I went along, “Geesh, this is so straightforward.” What I found the beauty of TOm’s course was, was that it was all laid out in a step-by-step format that was easy to follow.

    But, again, yes, the process Tom describes wasn’t a mystery or rocket science by any means. Neither is option trading for that matter when you think about it.

  5. Jeremy @ 8:18 am:


    I have access to a lot of money VIA unsecured business
    lines of credit (We all do, some just need to get out
    there and get them)

    My question is this….

    If I withdraw 100K from a line of credit I just put it
    in a solid Money Market and hope for a return above 10%?

    *** I’m 23 and I am this slow… sorry ***

    From the Biz LOC I have seen so far there is a 10% interest rate that needs to be paid monthly.

    100K x .1 / 12 months = $833.33 dollars a month I need to
    pay in interest.

    So my goal then is to make over 833.33 and whatever that amount is, is profit…. correct?

    Thank you,

  6. A.J. Brown @ 1:43 am:


    You’re about to do something you are going to regret.

    If what you were saying were really that easy, the whole world would be doing it, yes or yes?

    Let me give you a quick analogy. What you have is an enormously heavy sludge hammer with being able to borrow $100K. What you don’t have is the experience or know-how to swing that sludge hammer.

    Before they will let a new contractor swing the sludge hammer on a work site, they give him the smallest hammer out there and make him work up, size by size, till he can handle the big one. You’d be smart to do the same.

    Now, let me tell you what concerns me about what you wrote…

    One, if you are paying 10% interest, you are getting shafted. I now have over 300K of business lines of credit and none of them have an interest rate higher than 3.9%. Most are for 1.9%.

    Two, minimum payments on business lines of credit generally include a big chunk of principle. In your example, you will be asked to pay much more than $833.33 a month. I calculate more in the $3K to $5K range.

    Third, there is no Money Market out there that I know of that will pay anywhere close to 10% returns. Try 2-4%.

    Now, the good news… you do generally understand what most people don’t get… which is how to make money on the spread.

    What you need to learn now is, how to pay less for the money you want to borrow and make more on the money you want to invest. Those are two skills, based on your comment, you don’t have down yet. Till you do, you would be smart to NOT borrow money at this time to reinvest.

    This goes for anyone in the position Jeremy describes, not just Jeremy.

    Get the knowledge and the track record to pull the various components of this strategy off FIRST. Then and only then attempt this.

  7. Free NX @ 2:00 pm:

    There is some solid information in this post. I enjoy your writing. I’ve added the feed to my Google Reader RSS subscriptions and will continue reading your work. I did have a loading speed problem with how quick this page loaded. Might be an issue to look into.


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