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Level the ETF “Playing Field” Once & For All

ETF Trading MethodsHere’s what’s up -

In the past 2 weeks, over 50,000 traders have bombarded a special "insiders" trading website all about a new way to supercharge your portfolio.

You might even call it an "underground" website because everything it exposes challenges what 90% of all traders have held to be true for years.

So if you have ANY interest in discovering how to supercharge your portfolio (regardless of what you trade) in less than 20 minutes a night, you’re in for a TREAT today…

223 Traders "Got it" - Will you?

In just the past 24 hours, over 223 traders already got their hands on what history will likely call a turning point in using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to dramatically boost your portfolio’s profit potential.

I’m talking about a truly groundbreaking way to trade ETFs that takes less than 20 minutes a night.

(Hint: it’s NOT day trading.)

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a preview copy of this technique a few weeks ago and I’m absolutely floored by what’s being revealed in this limited-edition trading course.

CAUTION: This is NOT for "systems junkies," or individuals who like to let others make their trading decisions.

But it IS for traders who like to have FULL CONTROL of their destiny in the markets.

227 More "Get it" - But it may be too late…

The 30+ year trading veteran who’s "spilling the beans" on his totally unique twist on ETFs is only releasing 450 copies of his course that has the power to help you supercharge your portfolio like never before…

  • And he only has 227 more copies to move. (Probably less by now since I’m late getting this message out to you.)

So if you want to:

  • Vanquish the pressure, strain, and stress normally associated with trading…
  • Double your profit potential with half the effort by harnessing the power of a specialized ETF designed to pad your portfolio if the market tanks.
  • Drastically reduce your trading time by spending less than 20 minutes a night "in the trenches"…
  • Practically "rub out" account-crippling losses with simple yet profound risk management strategies only a few select traders are using. It’s like having an ETF "risk shield" so you’re protected at all times…

…then check out the open letter the developer of this 4-pronged approach to ETFs put together for you:

==> Click here to read about ETF methods.

Note: This is an affiliate link. I will make a commission if you buy this limited-edition ETF course through this link. Hopefully, that’s okay with you. :-)

Can I give you $100?

Since I appreciate you, I want to make you an even better offer.

If you are currently a Trading Trainer member, and you buy through my affiliate link, I will rebate you $100. Of course, you have to keep the course and remain a member for at least one month.

This offer applies to new members as well. So if you join Trading Trainer today, then purchase the ETF course through my affiliate link, you’ll receive the $100 rebate, too. Fair enough?

Here’s the link again…

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Best regards always,

A.J. Brown

P.S. I’ve seen this developer’s trading courses disappear in a matter of days in the past, and it’s a near certainty it will happen again… so IF YOU VALUE YOUR TIME, I really urge you to check out his letter here, and then ask yourself how what he has to say stacks up against how YOU currently trade:

==> Click here to read the open letter about ETF trading methods.

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4 Responses to “Level the ETF “Playing Field” Once & For All”

  1. Lisa Simmons @ 7:22 am:

    I would like to know more about your options course after hearing about it from a friend who uses it. I’ve sent an email to your before, and even filled out a long questionaire when you were seeking to mentor new students a couple of months ago, but haven’t heard anything. So. I’m serious about my studies, have traded options before using Dr. Cooper’s web site, and want to understand your strategies better before I make a full time commitment.

  2. A.J. Brown @ 8:24 am:

    Hi Lisa - If you’d like to learn more about the Trading Trainer Community, just click on the link at the top of this page that says "Private Training." You can join anytime, and would love to have you as a member. I discuss some of my strategies here on this blog. Hopefully, that has helped you understand how I think and how I work. Do you have a specific question I can answer for you?

  3. wayne @ 4:40 am:

    Hi, A.J. you gave us what a bottom is to look like, now would you give me what a top should be like. Would it be the reverse of the bottom. Thank you much Wayne

  4. A.J. Brown @ 4:59 am:

    Hi Wayne,

    Great question. In my experience, I have found that the mass investor psychology is much different for finding a top versus a bottom.

    I have found that it seems by nature, investors are optimistic, and in a down market that are constantly looking for it to turn back up.

    The contrary is not true.

    All this to say, I don’t have a clear tried and true way of determining a top has been found - at least not a way that has the accuracy the “Counting Method to Determine a Market Bottom” has for determining a bottom.

    In general, the use of a leading indicator trigger followed by a lagging indicator confirmation will yield some insights. Try looking at when the Williams %R goes to extremely overbought followed by a MACD crossing across its MACD average or, better yet… a MACD crossing across its zero.

    Hope that helps. Thanks again for the question Wayne.


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