Option Trader Quits Job, Replaces Income

Have you ever searched for that “one thing” that will replace your income so you can finally quit your job and live the life you want?

Jason Graham has.

In fact, he was actively betting on horses when he stumbled upon option trading. Options appealed to Jason because unlike a horse, an option contract couldn’t break a leg or get sick.

After studying with a few mentors, Jason found A.J. Brown and the Trading Trainer community. He plugged in and began to absorb as much as he could about option trading.

Today, Jason is happily unemployed… and has more than replaced the income he was making in his old job. In this 23-minute interview he gives you some background on how and why he was attracted to option trading, how he got started, and ultimately how he was able to achieve his freedom.

Listen and enjoy! (Click the “Play” button or download the MP3.)

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9 Responses to “Option Trader Quits Job, Replaces Income”

  1. Joseph E. Miller II @ 10:16 am:

    Yes I would like to leave my business in the next five years and just trade options. I am searching for the right mentor.

  2. Corrado Tiralongo @ 10:50 am:

    I am retiring in one year and I need a mentor to mimic and improve my trading ability with Options and stock.
    I have learned the hard way the last four years on my own, the results have not been great but I keep telling my wife that now I am better positioned to do a lot better, since i do understand options, however I need a model to follow for better results.

  3. Roman Slabaugh @ 7:50 pm EST @ 4:55 pm:

    Yes,I am still learning the disciplined trading trainer
    options strategies and techniques to become a more disciplined and learned student. I also value the group
    meeting and input to my options hotlist picks and
    open trade positions. More disciplined mentoring
    is what I need as well as more accountability to reaching
    my goals.

  4. Perce Collins @ 4:35 am:

    Jason certainly has been disciplined and is a good example for all to follow. Especially the part about more $’s now than on the Just Over Broke situation he was in previously. It is great to hear of other’s successes, but better to have success for oneself

  5. Jim White @ 3:18 pm:

    I would like to come and go to the job as I please. I look forward to being interviewed and to serve as a mentor merely from trading options.

  6. James C. Dunham @ 6:15 pm:

    Jason Graham’s story is really great. I love to hear it when a career change works out so well as his has done.

  7. Joseph McEwen @ 3:14 pm:

    I have been floudering around trying to learn about options,technical analysis, trading strategies, etc. it is only logical to find some good direction such as mentoring. I think what Jason has accomplished is something all of us would like to be apart of, it is time to find some direction and get rid of the glutter that possess’s many of us!!

  8. leendert koster @ 1:25 am:

    The problem here is the language.I am Dutchman. sory.

  9. noreen maheu @ 3:18 pm:

    i would love to to come and go from a job. i am willing to learn something new


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